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Re: Task list for Debian on the QNAP Turbostation

Hi all!

>>>>  - Get persistent disk naming: well known issue without solution. :(
>>> No change.
>> I do not understand the problem in here (though I'm not very friendly
>> with the debian installer). can you tell me more about this ?
> http://www.us.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/errata describes the
> problem:
> Disk devices may change on reboot
>     On systems with multiple disk controllers, the kernel/udev may
>     assign a different device node on reboot of the system than was used
>     during installation due to difference in load order of drivers.
> i.e. sda1 might suddenly show up as sdb1.

What about using an initrd and other disk naming facilities (as in
/dev/disk/by-id/) ?

I'm also working on a "piccontrol" programm to control the LEDs. I have
it OK for command line use with no daemon and no use of socket. any
interrest in it ?
I'll try to get in touch with the people doing this
http://qnap.nas-central.org/index.php/PIC_Control_Software wich is the
base I used. I think It lacks at least a way to have a feedback of the
buttons (copy and power).

And I have no more response from qnap about QFinder, but I do not know
I'll try again a couple of times and give up.

Have fun all of you.

Nathael Pajani -- ED3L
Tel : 06 19 35 33 91

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