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Trendnet TV-IP312W/Zonet ZVC7630W/Fitivision CS-1013


They appear to all be the same product: ARM9/32MB RAM/8MB FLASH.  The interesting thing is it has a USB (albeit 1.1) host port on there as well.  Trendnet did publish some sort of source code here: http://trendnet.com/downloads/list_subcategory.asp?SUBTYPE_ID=1139 (yay for them, although I'm not sure how complete they actually are).  I think the developer left his email in one of the configuration files...  Picking through their kernel, it looks like the rest of the equipment is RT61 for the wireless, IP100A for the wired, PL1061 AC97 driver for sound, and OV7720 for the camera. 

Has anyone looked at getting Debian on one of these things?

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