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Re: armel boxes for Debian

On 2008-02-19 16:05 +0000, Colin Tuckley wrote:
> Talking to tbm on irc this afternoon, it seems there is some confusion about
> how many armel buildd boxes there are and how many are needed.
> Current situation:
> There are 3 buildd boxes (all of them Thecus N2100 boxes), two hosted by
> Riku and the third by me. They are almost keeping up with the archive.
> Additionally we have another Thecus box hosted by Martin Guy which is being
> used for armel work and is available for people to use.
> Wookey also has a balloon based box which I believe is also available for
> use via the net.

Correct. The external IP access/firewalling has even been sorted out
so it will have a permanent IP, and be sited outside the company
firewall for easier access soon. 

> The future:
> It looks like we need one more buildd of the same capacity as the current
> Thecus boxes.
> It would probably be good to have a box for the security team too although
> that could be one that was generally available perhaps.
> A box for use as a porter machine would help with fixing problems.

I have a kurobox pro here donated by marvell for Debian use. It needs
debianising and siting. I could site it but am terifically short of
time for the debianising bit (which is why it hasn't happenened yet).
it's 128MB, not 256MB which isn't ideal, but is otherwise reasonably

Does anyone know if current installer images will work? I find some
rather old (2.4 kernel) stuff here:
and some newer stuff but with kernel for the Kuro-HG box here:

If there is something I can expect to 'just work' then I'll have a
go. Otherwise I'd prefer to give it to someone with more time/interest
to fight with. Any takers? Handover at FOSDEM, perhaps?

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