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zdotu_ problem in libblas2gf on arm

Dear Debian ARM users,

I face a problem, which I would like help with. I am trying to make
use of the zdotu_ function provided by the libblas3gf package's
libblas.so.3gf, for a package which uses it. Currently, if I use a
qemu arm to test for zdotu_, the program just hangs and I am forced to
hit Ctrl+C. A gdb backtrace shows that zdotu_ is very much the issue.

If possible, I'd appreciate it if someone could build the following
program in the presence of libblas-dev on arm using g++ prog.cpp -lblas
and tell me if it runs, I'd really appreciate it.

#include <complex>
typedef std::complex<double> cdouble;
extern "C" {
  cdouble zdotu_(const int *, const cdouble *, const int *,
                 const cdouble *, const int *);

int main() {
  const int incr = 1;
  const int size = 6;
  cdouble a[size] = {cdouble( 0.7219, 0.8871), cdouble( 0.7073,-0.7953),
                     cdouble( 0.2610, 0.4325), cdouble(-0.0565,-0.0719),
                     cdouble( 0.7277,-0.9754), cdouble(-0.3780, 1.0718)};
  cdouble b[size] = {cdouble(-0.0821,+0.8410), cdouble(-0.0749, 0.0729),
                     cdouble(-0.6094,-0.2975), cdouble( 0.2106,-0.2026),
                     cdouble( 0.1043,-0.8300), cdouble( 0.0806, 0.3698)};
  cdouble x_ref(-2.01767031,-0.45861365);
  cdouble x = zdotu_(&size, a, &incr, b, &incr);
  return (std::abs(x - x_ref) < 1e-6) ? 0 : 1;



(P.S. Please CC me, as I am not on the list.)
Kumar Appaiah,
458, Jamuna Hostel,
Indian Institute of Technology Madras,
Chennai - 600 036

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