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Re: Munin

> John Winters wrote:
>> I tried it about 4 weeks ago and the install process was broken.  The
>> partitioner crashed every time it tried to start up so there was no way
>> of
>> completing the installation.
> Was this on a Thecus N2100?


> I've used the installer from the URL you quoted
> and it worked perfectly.

When?  It was discussed on the list at the time that it failed for me and
one suggestion was that the packages were no longer compatible with the
installer image.  No suggestions were forthcoming about how one might
circumvent the non-functionality of the partitioner, so I reverted to
using the standard Debian installer and port.

Curiously, the much-advertised broken-ness of the then standard installer
turned out to be overblown - it was barely broken at all.  If you didn't
know it was meant to be broken you would barely have noticed it during the


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