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Problem with the 2.6.22-3-arm lenny kernel?

I've run debian on my nslu2 for about 18 months with no problems (ever
since the first debian installer rc for nslu2, infact). I've been
looking to create a more robust to power failure solution by using a
small thumb drive. To do so I used the latest etch installer (4.0r2?) to
install clean (I like clean installs) and wanted to bump to lenny for
the newer bacula there. Unfortunately the lenny kernel, 2.6.22-3-arm,
doesn't seem to want to boot. The etch kernel is just fine, so I'm
running an etch kernel with a lenny userspace, but I'd like to check out
the latest kernel stuff too.

When I flash the lenny kernel, the linksys does the usual apex
lightscroll, then the status light flashes briefly red, before going
yellow and then nothing more. (The ethernet light is the only one on).
The USB stick is obviously not being found, (no Disk1 light, the light
on the key doesn't come on). I've waited for about 1 hour for it to
boot, but it's obvious the usb storage modules aren't being loaded. I've
looked at the initramfs, and it seems that everything is in order. (Note
that to switch back to etch from lenny is rather involved- i have to
upslug the installer, fix the installer (it's getting some really weird
network parameters from somewhere and ignoring dhcp), boot the installer
to rescue mode, and finally, mount the root, and flash the etch kernel.

Anyway, with the etch kernel, everything behaves fine (with the
rootdelay parameter for LVM).

Thoughts, suggestions?

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