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Re: GHC armel build

Hi Riku
   I've finished building the ghc packages. THey seem to compile and
run my stuff ok

The fast testsuite gives 10 unexpected failures, all due to lack of
assembly language support for calls to external C functions, lack of a
native code generator and lack of dynamic library support under ARM. I
assume the old-arm version has the same limitations and am running the
fast test suite on old-arm to verify this, as well as the full
testsuite on armel hoping to catch other problems.

I've uploaded the essential Haskell packages to
http://freaknet.org/martin/debian with a README. These are built from
unmodified Debian source packages.

3498df73bbea72fb3297ddfad7163f8e  alex_2.1.0~rc1-1_armel.deb
7f2a8555ca769b828abf0293ad03c451  ghc6_6.6.1-2_armel.deb
2af3bc517a5c40237b1b9b23c543bd08  ghc6-prof_6.6.1-2_armel.deb
7794a31cd29b4071075033d06e53a45c  haddock_0.8-2_armel.deb
ed30aee2847752dc43a01f04b24bfa7d  happy_1.16~rc2-1_armel.deb
96f48f8487db60a3166184a151dd8c00  haskell-utils_1.9_armel.deb

If I add up the various phases of building spent on the Debian package
on 266MHz / 128MB hardware with 500kb/s I/O, I estimate that it
required about 57 hours of straight grinding on that hardware. I
mention it in case you need to adjust timeouts for it on the faster

Thanks for your endless work pushing the armel port to completion;
it's good to come back and find it in such good shape; let's hope the
Haskell-dependent packages give no further trouble.



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