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Re: All-arch packages not uploaded to armel repository

On Wed, Nov 14, 2007 at 08:14:27AM +0200, Eugene San wrote:
>    I was trying to install GTK2 on my armel box and it's failed due to
>    version inconsistency of armel and all-arch packages in repository:

>    It seems that only armel packages were uploaded to the repository after
>    last build while all-arch packages are outdated.
>    I am not aware about other builds but i suspect it's not the only case.

Arch: all packages are not built on buildd's. It allows buildd's to
skip building arch-generic stuff like documentation. Also it saves disk
space on mirrors. The drawback is that for unstable occasionally the
arch-any and arch-all packages or out of sync. This one of the reasons
we are preparing a snapshot release of armel repository.

Usually such unsyncs are not a big problem since

1) most packages do not want the exact same version of their arch:all
2) usually the arch-all and buildd builds happen very close to each
others and being in out-sync gets resolved in a day.

gtk+2.0 is one of the prominent packages where 1) is not true, and 2)
became a problem since ftp-master.debian.org was down. A smarter sync
script (please contribute..) would help in the more typical case wher
the buildd upload is lagging compared to official debian maintainer
upload, but in this case the official debian maintainer upload was
no longer available anywhere when ftp-master broke..

>    Could someone please check that issue or at least upload missing files
>    somewhere?

It has now been synced:


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