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Re: NSLU2, Etch, and brick mode

Rob Tucker wrote:
> This must be more than coincidence. Im trying to think of what we must
> have all done the same to get to this point.

Probably this is just a coincidence, but my slug also died about 3 weeks
ago. The slug has been running for more than a year 24/7 without any
problems, and reboots only after kernel upgrades. I am using a 2.5"
TrekStor hard disc. 

A few weeks ago, I could not connect to the slug anymore, so I had to unlug
it. The slug would not boot properly with the HD attached, sometimes it
crashed when I plugged in the Ethernet cable. I switched to a different
power supply (from my fonera router) and now everything is back to normal.
The power supply still deliveres 5V, but somehow neither the slug nor the
fonera run properly with it. 

As I said, probably this is just a coincidence.

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