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Re: installing dpkg

On 2007-10-19 17:19 +0900, Inuk You wrote:

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<wook re-arranges>

> >Well I installed debian on an arm system by running debootstrap on the
> >other system (a perl script I believe) to generate a new chroot, then I
> >rebooted the system with that new dir as root and had debian running.
> >
> >debootstrap takes care of unpacking all the necesary packages and
> >settings things up.  No point doing all the dpkg commands individually
> >by hand (which is bound to screw up).  In the end you will have a new
> >clean root dir that is just debian.  The only thing you have to take
> >care of is how to install a kernel that will work on your particular
> >system since that is beyond debootstraps capabilities (every darn arm
> >system is different after all).

> Thanks Len,
> But I just wish to not install Debian on new system (partition) but install 
> 'apt' on existing one.
> That way seems to implement new debian on empty system (partition). right?

It does, yes, so this route may not solve your problem. 

What do you hope to achieve by installing apt on a non-debian system?

Much of what it does is to do with its knowledge of the complete
system. On a non-debian system it does not have that knowledge so
cannot be very clever (and mostly wil just refuse to install things -
see other posts in theis thread). If you wish to use it for some extra
repository you are making then your efforts make sense.

What is your existing distro? Or is it build from scratch?

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