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Re: Stalled installation on NSLU2

* Olivier Heinry <oli4444@gmail.com> [2007-09-01 21:29]:
> Now I've got a brand new kind of problem: during a successful SSH
> session, i was performing the system update. I added a new user with
> sudo rights, removed root login, then rebooted the slug. 
> Ever since, I cant ping it, nor open a ssh session into it. 

I don't see why it wouldn't boot anymore (unless you removed the root
user, as Lennart suggested).  What did you do exactly?

> The top status Led keeps on flashing amber (or is it red? difference is
> slim...), never flashes amber/green pattern.

You probably didn't release the button at the right time or something
like this.  Just try again.  Sometimes it takes a few times to get it
right.  See

> I guess $ sudo upslug2 is enough , no need to be root...

Martin Michlmayr

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