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Thecus n100, software RAID and LVM

Hello everybody,

first, let me beg your pardon in advance if this is not the proper place to ask, but I'm afraid that debian-users is not either.

I just bought a Thecus n2100 and I'm in the process of installing debian on it and I'm wondering if using LVM over software RAID works on this hardware (even for / and /boot) or not.

Looking around I found this page


about LVM on the NSLU which seems to imply it should work, as the problem described can happen with USB disks only and thus doesn't apply to the n2100.

Furhtermore the ARM installation guide at


states that "You may experience problems for some RAID levels and in combination with some bootloaders if you try to use MD for the root (/) filesystem." which however looks as a boilerplate caveat taken from the i386 version :)

Thank you for your answers,

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