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Re: Debian D-Link DNS-323

On Fri, Jun 29, 2007 at 03:38:18PM +0300, Riku Voipio wrote:

> > I Have 2 slugs running etch and while i really think they are great i 
> > find the lack of internal memory a bit of hinderance for getting the 
> > performance i want out of them. So i was thinking of purchasing a 
> > DNS-323 (faster cpu and more ram) and install debian on it.
> > I found a rather good Wiki page for it 
> > http://wiki.dns323.info/howto:chroot_debian but i couldn't find any 
> > firmware replacement so it requires a lot of interception scripts and such.
> This or some other Marvell Orion based NAS was bought up here before.
> It boils down to the fact Marvell's kernel is fork from official Linus's
> kernel. Someone needs to get Marvell's/D-Links drivers into mainline
> kernel. Most probably requires rewriting drivers using the Marvell/Dlink
> code as documentation.

Is this Orion- or Orion2-based?

A rewritten (by Marvell engineers) Orion2 support patch set has been
submitted upstream recently, and as far as I'm concerned, everything
but the VFP bits is in pretty good shape:


Orion-NAS support is in the works.

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