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Re: GP2X hardware platform

On Thu, Jun 21, 2007 at 01:55:32PM +0100, John Willis wrote:

> Hi Lennert,

Hi John,

> > This chip isn't supported in the upstream kernel, is it?  Are there
> > plans to get support for it merged?  Can I help?
> I should have mentioned in my earlier mail on the subject that the
> MMSP2 support is firstly only currently working on patched 2.4 series
> (we use our own 2.4.26 patch set for Open2x) and more importantly is
> a very long way from being close to something you would propose for
> mainline (2.4 or otherwise).
> If a real 2.6 effort was undertaken it may be preferable to use the
> 2.4 kernel and a reference point and start from scratch.

Let's ask a different question: are there public docs for the chip?

>From your other mail, I understand that there are binary-only
components.  Is that because there aren't enough docs to reimplement
the functionality, or is it because there are docs but noone bothered
to reimplement the functionality yet?

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