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Re: urgent help please

On 17 jun, 15:30, "John Fieldsend" <jfields...@gmail.com> wrote:
> my slug has been working fine for months
> Today i needed to do a restart as one of the hard drives needed replacing
> my slug will no longer boot, so i thought well the system is wanting a
> reinstall so ill redo the enitre server
> I cannot get into redboot any more telnet 9000 and cannot
> ping the box on other ips all the lights come on and it appears to
> boot as normal but just sits with the ready status on orange and
> ethernet green
> thanks
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> FieJo Hashe - Jedi Knight and Friend
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Hi John,

Can you give some more info about your disk configuration? It might be
interesting to attach your disks to a regular linux desktop and to
inspect /var/log/boot and /var/log/dmesg from that machine. Otherwise,
studying the boot process on the serial console is also very



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