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Re: problem with write intent bitmap in raid1, using debian on nslu2

Hi Gordon,

Thanks for your reply. I have connected the two usb disks to my
desktop machine. I could reassemble without problems and the intent
bitmap works well on my machine. I also have turned off the intent
bitmap while the disks were connected to the desktop machine. When I
reconnected the usb disks to the nslu2, the slug booted like before.

However, after updating and upgrading the debian installation on the
slug, i bumped into a new problem. I'm going to post this into a new



On 16 jun, 16:00, "Gordon Farquharson" <gordonfarquhar...@gmail.com>
> Hi Toon
> On 6/15/07, Toon Verstraelen <toon.verstrae...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Now I realize that I did this on a mounted raid1-root partition. Is
> > this a problem? Anyway, not much longer the system became
> I can't help you with the write-intent bitmap stuff (I have never
> tried it), but you need to add the rootdelay parameter to the kernel
> command line to boot the NSLU2 with a root partition on a RAID device.
> To change the kernel command line, see
> http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/Debian/ChangeKernelCommandLine
> I have found that rootdelay=10 works well for a system with a root
> partition on an LVM volume, and this value should work for your
> system. The 10 seconds give the system enough time to register the USB
> disk so that root filesystem is available when the init scripts try to
> access the RAID device.
> BTW, what happens if you try disabling the write-intent bitmap on the RAID, i.e.
> mdadm /dev/mdX -Gb none
> Gordon
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