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Re: problem with write intent bitmap in raid1, using debian on nslu2

Hi Toon

On 6/15/07, Toon Verstraelen <toon.verstraelen@gmail.com> wrote:

Now I realize that I did this on a mounted raid1-root partition. Is
this a problem? Anyway, not much longer the system became

I can't help you with the write-intent bitmap stuff (I have never
tried it), but you need to add the rootdelay parameter to the kernel
command line to boot the NSLU2 with a root partition on a RAID device.
To change the kernel command line, see


I have found that rootdelay=10 works well for a system with a root
partition on an LVM volume, and this value should work for your
system. The 10 seconds give the system enough time to register the USB
disk so that root filesystem is available when the init scripts try to
access the RAID device.

BTW, what happens if you try disabling the write-intent bitmap on the RAID, i.e.

mdadm /dev/mdX -Gb none


Gordon Farquharson
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