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Debian on Thecus N2100 - RTC

Hi everyone,

I've recently installed Debian on my Thecus N2100 according to Martin Michlmayr's excellent instructions. All went really well. I had a little problem with the RTC. Martin says: "You also need to make sure that there's a symlink from /dev/rtc to /dev/rtc0. Afterwards, you have to run hwclock --systohc in order to set the hardware clock." This is all good advice, but I found that the symlink didn't survive a reboot.

So what I did was to copy the udev rule from the nslu2-utils package:

cd /etc/udev
cat nslu2-rtc.rules
# The rtc-dev module registers a rtcN device; link the first to /dev/rtc.
KERNEL=="rtc0", SYMLINK+="rtc" GROUP="audio"

cd rules.d
ln -s ../nslu2-rtc.rules z60_nslu2-rtc.rules

This seems to do the job nicely; hwclock still works after a reboot.

Is there a wiki somewhere for this sort of stuff? Debonaras is very light in content compared
to NSLU2-linux.


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