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Debian on Thecus N2100

Hi everyone,

I just acquired an Evesham MBox (a re-badged N2100).
Before I install Debian on it, is there a way to put it back
to the original state? What I have done is this:

- Connect in via SSH backdoor (no disk drives installed yet)
- Plug in & mount a USB stick
- Copy all the /dev/mtdn flash partitions onto the memory stick

Once Debian is installed, I *presume* the way back is to copy each
mtd partition back (except #0, redboot) and then when it reboots
it's an Evesham SilverSTOR M-Box again. Can anyone confirm this?

I have previously used an NSLU2 with Debian Etch.
On the N2100, does it behave the same so that one can simply "cat"
to the mtdblock partitions?

Thanks for reading this,

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