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Re: Slow downloads: NSLU2

In article <1180586594.6055.0.camel@betelgeuse>,
David Fokkema <dfokkema@ileos.nl> wrote:

> Well, well, well! On checking, I noticed that my CPU is ~70% idle.
> Measuring bandwidth with iperf results in 3.5 Mbit/s. I misread that
> last time as 3.5 Mb/s. However, 3.5 Mbit/s should give me only about 450
> Kb/s, I certainly get 600 Kb/s over HTTP. My hard disk is running with
> Spd=480. That is full speed usb2, right? So, it probably is my network
> connection, which is over wifi. I'll try it on cable, some time soon.
> Thanks!

Yes - 480 is right; I believe you would see only 12 if it were not USB2.

Bob Cox.  Stoke Gifford, near Bristol, UK.

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