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RE: armel disk image


I can offer some disk hosting space for the image (as long as the
monthly transfers are less than 600 Gb / month).

I tried to download the image from the URL, but got a 403 - Forbidden /
access denied message for the 150Mb image
(http://www.jab.org/armel/armel_2gb.img.gz )

If you guys think that the monthly Bandwidth for the download will be
less than 600Gb / month, send me a working URL link to download the
image and I can put up a site for the download, along with the
appropriate click through license.  If you guys believe it will require
more bandwidth than that, I might still be able to work something out (I
have a vested interest in trying to make sure the NSLU2 firmware works
-- It's the basis for an inexpensive robot controller project for high
school kids).

Paul Tan.
(Current project -- http://www.istars-robotics.com )

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>I can investigate the bandwidth and download quota implications of
>hosting the 150MB file on slug-firmware.net, but would strongly prefer
>not to do so

Thanks Rod. For the moment, I stuck the instructions and data
files on my home DSL line. If a brave soul wants to test, I'd definitely
be happy to have feedback.


If this turns out to be useful, I'll have to find another home both
forbandwidth reasons and probably to make the stupid license
agreement more click-o-rific.  Is there a free software ethernet
driver in works, and if so what is its status?

On 5/27/07, Rod Whitby <rod@whitby.id.au> wrote:
> Jeff Breidenbach wrote:
> > Ok, I made one too ...
> >
> > Now I need three things - help.
> >
> > 1) A website to post armel-2gb.img.gz. This is presumably
> > with the proprietary network driver, so it should be behind one of
> > stupid click-through license agreements. There's already similar
> > stuff at http://www.slug-firmware.net - can someone with a
> > there help me? This is a ~150MB file.
> This is one of the reasons why the nslu2-linux project carries kernel
> patches which load the proprietary firmware from a separate MTD flash
> partition, which is flashed once and never again modified irrespective
> of the kernel, initramfs or rootfs contents (or modifications to
> This isolates the proprietary code, and would mean that you could host
> the 150MB file anywhere (since it would then be DFSG compliant).
> We agree on the stupidity of the required click through licenses, and
> such we try and miminize the number of times you need to see it to
> *once* when you download your very first Debian/NSLU2 flashable image.
> Martin, is there any chance of doing this for the Debian kernel?
> I can investigate the bandwidth and download quota implications of
> hosting the 150MB file on slug-firmware.net, but would strongly prefer
> not to do so for the reasons above.  We really want to restrict that
> site to flashable 8MiB firmware images that contains the proprietary
> code, not complete distro root filesystems.
> > 2) I don't actually know how to pull off the firmware currently
> > to the nslu2. That means I don't have a copy of armel-firmware.bin
> > mentioned in the instructions. How do I do that?
> cat /dev/mtdblock* > backup.bin
> > I presumably would
> > dump a copy of this on the same website as the armel-2gb.img.gz.
> > Although if it isn't contaminated by the proprietary ethernet
driver, I
> can
> > easily find a home for it. (Joey: is it contaminated or not?)
> It is almost guaranteed that an 8MiB firmware image will contain Intel
> proprietary microcode (if not in the last flash block where we put it
> for the open source driver to load it, then in the RedBoot bootloader
> the first flash block - unfortunately that copy cannot be used by the
> open source driver due to major microcode version mismatches).
> That 8MiB image I would be happy to host on the slug-firmware.net
> > 3) I should put these instructions on a wiki or something so that
> > can make notes when or if they run into problems. Can some existing
> > Linux / Debian / NSLU provide a wiki page I can edit? I don't really
> > want to run my own wiki.
> Feel free to make a new page hanging off
>  http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/Debian/HomePage
> but perhaps
>  http://wiki.debian.org/ArmEabiPort
> would be a better place to consolidate all the armel information.
> -- Rod Whitby
> -- NSLU2-Linux Project Lead

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