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Problems installing Etch on NSLU2

I'trying to install Etch on my new nslu2.

I've tried first to flash the unofficial debian image taken from [1]
using the upgrade tool available via web interface: it failed and
finally managed to load it after plugging my usb diks. Unfortunately I
did not manage to ssh into the device (forgot to mention that I also
changed the default IP address before flashing).

I then re-flashed the original firmware from linksys via Redboot, restored
factory defaults and flashed the d-i image using upslug2: everything went
fine and after rebooting the device beeps after ~3 minutes (not 7-10 minutes
like explained in tbm pages). Again, I cannot reach the nslu (no ping, no ssh).

What should I try next? 

thanx in advance for your help

[1] http://www.slug-firmware.net/

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