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Re: Has anyone successfully built a FatSlug?

Hi all,

I think Apex has a problem with 64M in one bank (two chips), because when
the Slug hardware is configured for more than 64M, as it is when Apex scans,
the 64M appears (at least on my slug!) as four separate 16M regions with 16M
in between, which fools Apex's scanner.

I've sent Marc an email with more technical detail, and I may try to mend it myself.

Meanwhile, I reiterate my first question:
Has anyone used Apex 1.4.17 or 1.4.18 to boot a 64MB, two chip, FatSlug?
I suspect the answer is no. I think Apex will boot a 128MB FatSlug but
not a 64MB.

Steve Gane wrote:
Hi everyone,

I'm trying to use Apex 1.4.18 to boot my 64M FatSlug, but I'm not having much luck.
I'm using the "proper" Debian/NSLU2 Etch.

I can build Apex on a PC, swap it, prepend a header, pad it with FF, and write it to mtdblock2.
(http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/Debian/CompileApex and
http://wiki.buici.com/wiki/NSLU2_Memory_Expansion_--_Fat_Slug helped a lot!)
I have a serial port to observe the boot.

But whatever I do, it always reports 32 MiB:
- Whether I build Apex with 0x2000000 or 0x4000000 memory bank size
- Whether or not I do "sdram-init; memscan -u 0+256m" or "sdram-init; memscan -u 0+64m"
sdram-init always detects 1 pair of 128 Mib chips = 32 MiB
memscan always says there's only 32MB.

I used to boot with a hacked Redboot (that set the SDRAM config for 64M) with the old bootstrapped Debian; now I can't install stuff because I don't have enough memory :-(


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