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Re: Has anyone successfully built a FatSlug?

On Mon, May 07, 2007 at 10:29:32PM +0100, Steve Gane wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I'm trying to use Apex 1.4.18 to boot my 64M FatSlug, but I'm not having 
> much luck.
> I'm using the "proper" Debian/NSLU2 Etch.
> I can build Apex on a PC, swap it, prepend a header, pad it with FF, and 
> write it to mtdblock2.
> (http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/Debian/CompileApex and
> http://wiki.buici.com/wiki/NSLU2_Memory_Expansion_--_Fat_Slug helped a lot!)
> I have a serial port to observe the boot.
> But whatever I do, it always reports 32 MiB:
> - Whether I build Apex with 0x2000000 or 0x4000000 memory bank size
> - Whether or not I do "sdram-init; memscan -u 0+256m" or "sdram-init; 
> memscan -u 0+64m"
> sdram-init always detects 1 pair of 128 Mib chips = 32 MiB
> memscan always says there's only 32MB.
> I used to boot with a hacked Redboot (that set the SDRAM config for 64M) 
> with the old
> bootstrapped Debian; now I can't install stuff because I don't have 
> enough memory :-(

So...if you are trying to run a four-chip solution, you may be
disappointed.  So far, no one has had luck with it.  I have the chips
on hand to debug this, but I haven't had the time to build a slug with

I don't think that the memory bank size is really important as the
sdram init code is supposed to figure that all out.  

Tell me exactly how your hardware is put together.

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