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Re: Etch for ARM / Netwinder: where is NPTL support?

2007/5/11, Sergey Chemishkian <schemish@rii.ricoh.com>:
'getconf GNU_LIBPTHREAD_VERSION' on Yesbox (Thecus n2100) running Etch
release, reports 'linuxthreads-0.10'. So, was Etch for ARM release shipped
with glibc using old Linux threads, not NPTL? Is there an option to install
glibc with NPTL from APT repositories?

Maybe you need wiki.debian.org/ArmEabiPort

I think mainline Debian etch shipped with glibc-2.3.6, where
linuxthreads still reigns.
If it's any consolation, its userland thread switches between the same
process are much faster than the NPTL kernel version at present (fixes
are in course, if not already mainline).


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