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Palm as terminal for slug - no luck with ncurses application.

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From: Wouter Verhelst <wouter@debian.org>
Subject: Re: Palm as terminal for slug - no luck with ncurses application.

Set the LINES and COLUMNS environment variable. If your palm has a very
specific TERM variable, edit your termcap to say that it has only
so-and-so much lines and columns.


Thank you Wouter, I didn't understand any of that at first but the solution was there.

If I run ncurses apps like this (as an example):
Then the app runs as if it were in a terminal of that size, and it works.

When accessing the slug from the Palm, 'echo $TERM' gives vt100

Termcap has been superceded by terminfo, and terminfo definitions are
sourced from '/etc/terminfo/', '/lib/terminfo/' and
'/usr/share/terminfo/', in that order. So (I believe) you can write a
definition in /etc/terminfo/v/vt100 and it will override the one in
/lib/terminfo/v/vt100. But I'm thinking this is not such a good idea,
as it would affect all terminals calling themselves vt100 (which might include ssh sessions). I'm happy to
change environment variables for each app, as I won't be running very
much through the Palm.

I suspect this might be the solution for printing ncurses borders etc
correctly as well - maybe create a new terminfo definition (based on
vt100), then run the app like 'TERM=vt100-palm ncursesapp'. I'll get to
that eventually. I couldn't find a terminfo definition for the palm on
google, but then it would be different for each emulation program
wouldn't it? 

I haven't got the music player working yet, because I haven't got a
powered hub sorted out yet, so I can only have one of either the sound
adapter, or the Palm, connected at the same time. Soon...

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