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Re: Palm as terminal for slug - no luck with ncurses application.

On Wed, May 09, 2007 at 02:26:42AM -0700, Bernard Dudley wrote:
> I want to use my Palm PDA as a terminal for my slug, and it works well, except that ncurses apps don't work properly. I started a thread at the debian forums - http://forums.debian.net/viewtopic.php?t=14617 - but no responses.
> Can someone tell me that this is (i) impossible (ii) hard for a dumbo (iii) easy? And if the answer is ii or iii, then maybe a bit more info/links would be lovely.
> I think that if I could get the Palm to tell the slug how big its screen is, or get the slug to produce a terminal with a specific screen size, that might fix it. I've tried two different apps on the Palm, called ptelnet (free), and Online (Shareware). Neither is very configurable, so I think the solution has to come from the slug end. But I can't find anything in 'man getty' that applies.
> If anyone else is trying this, you should know before you start that it doesn't seem to be possible to use a Palm keyboard and the usb/serial connection at the same time. I read on a keyboard manufacturer's site that this is because both the keyboard and the connection use the same serial port. I'm hoping there might be a way around this by connecting a USB keyboard directly to the slug, but that's for another day.

Well make sure your terminal type set for the serial port matches the
type that the palm is emulating.  If the terminal types don't match
thigns will get all messed up in ncurses programs.  Probably vt100 or
ansi make sense.

I haven't ever tried to do serial with my palm (being usb it makes it a
bit more tricky I suspect).

Len Sorensen

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