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Re: How to change the kernel command line for the NSLU2

En/na Rod Whitby ha escrit:
Gordon Farquharson wrote:
I don't, but Phil Endecott wrote some instruction for building Apex
[1]. You'll have to figure out how to pad the mtdblock with 0xffs
though (I'm not sure if the latest slugimage does this - Rod Whitby
would probably know).

Slugimage *always* pads with 0xffs.  It's a script in debian-installer
nslu2 support which used to pad with zeros (I presume that's been fixed
by now).

Can someone confirm it?

Note that Apex should build out of the box for Debian/NSLU2 just like
any other normal Debian package.

-- Rod

So, how affects it to the instructions of the wiki?


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