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Re: How to change the kernel command line for the NSLU2

Hi Steve

On 5/7/07, Steve Gane <steve@theganes.co.uk> wrote:

Here's the question. What version of Apex is in Martin Michlmayr's

It contains 1.4.15 which is the version that ships with etch.

Or has anyone got a pre-built mtdblock2, padded with 0xff and containing
a new version of Apex?

I don't, but Phil Endecott wrote some instruction for building Apex
[1]. You'll have to figure out how to pad the mtdblock with 0xffs
though (I'm not sure if the latest slugimage does this - Rod Whitby
would probably know).

You could also try Phil's apexctl.


[1] http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/Debian/CompileApex

Gordon Farquharson

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