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exception in rtorrent: FileList::inc_completed()


I hope this is the correct place to post: I am running Debian Arm, on an
NSLU2, etch, stable.

I get this message when I try to start rtorrent 0.7.4 with some torrents
already to:

"rtorrent: FileList::inc_completed() first == m_entryList->end()."

Starting with a clean directory does not produce this error.

I have been running rtorrent 0.6.4 with libtorrent9 0.10.4 for a long
time and it has been great. But yesterday I want to update to rtorrent >
0.7.0 so I updated sources.list to unstable, apt-get update and apt-get
rtorrent. This gave me rtorrent 0.7.1 and libtorrent10 0.11.4-1.

- I googled but could not find anyone else reporting the error. And I am
not sure if it is a Debian or an rtorrent problem. 

- I looked at the code but nothing jumped out at me. And as this is a
small, headless machine, firing up a debugger is a last resort !!

- One concern is that rtorrent and libtorrent are usually released with
the same minor number increment and the same time: perhaps 0.7.*1*
should not be used with 0.11.*4* ?

- I also notice that 0.7.4 is available for some archs, but not Arm. And
I can not find a libtorrent10 0.11.*1* .deb to down grade to ?

Any ideas, pointers ? (thanks).

Simon Kellett, Darmstadt, Germany
Email: simonk@nexgo.de
WWW: http://home.arcor.de/zoxed

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