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Re: initrd with cats bootloader

* Phil Blundell <pb@reciva.com> [2007-05-03 15:05]:
> I'm trying to upgrade a CATS system from a 2.4 to 2.6 kernel, which
> seems to require using an initrd.  Unfortunately I can't quite
> figure out what I need to say to the ABLE bootloader to make it load
> the initrd correctly.  Can anybody give me a working example of
> that?

I believe something like
    load (cd0)/vmlinuz-2.6.20-1-footbridge (cd0)/initrd.gz
should work, but this is untested since I have no CATS.

If someone figures it out, that would be appreciated because the
installation manual doesn't cover CATS fully at the moment.  More
information on #345317 would be welcome too (the magic string to
detect ABLE is needed in order for the installer to distinguish
between CATS/ABLE and Netwinder/Netrom).
Martin Michlmayr

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