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Re: About armel repository

- I would like to compile my own programs, but the board I'm using is
too slow, so I tried with scratchbox, but the toolchain I'm using seems
to be incompatible with the one used in the repository, so I need a new
toolchain for scratchbox compatible with the repository. Do you have one
or docs on how make it? 

For building a new toolchain you could use Crosstool or PtxDist

To make the build toolchain to work in Scratchbox refer

    The binaries I compile inside scratchbox run fine inside scratchbox
with give an "Illegal instruction error" in my board with debian-armel,

Check if you are generating code with VFP instruction in scratchbox and if your board supports VFP.

in the same board with same kernel (linux2.6.18) and debian etch also
run fine. I'm using Scratchbox Apophis  and the toolchain

Ah.. that was a bit confusing.  Where does debian etch run fine on ?

I am able to run  simple  code compiled with scratchbox-toolchain-arm-linux
-2006q3-27-1.0.6-1 with out problem on debain-armel.


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