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Re: Unslung OC'd

Jeremy Brown wrote:
> Just finished installing unslung, i decided not to go with sid unstable
> alpha at least till i get used to this then i might move to SlugOS and
> install go that route..
> I typed cat < cpuinfo to call BogoMips and i get this
> # cat < cpuinfo
> Processor       : XScale-IXP425/IXC1100 rev 1 (v5b)
> BogoMIPS        : 263.78
> Features        : swp half thumb fastmult edsp
> Hardware        : Intel IXDP425 Development Platform
> Revision        : 0000
> Serial          : 0000000000000000
> This is not the format what i saw in the how to, does this mean i have a
> Dev unit or what?

BogoMIPS shows that you have a recent unit that now comes
properly-clocked from the factory.

Other stuff is from the old Unslung 2.4 kernel, and is mostly incorrect
due to Linksys's ODH contractor SerComm not being that well versed in
proper kernel development.

-- Rod

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