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Re: debian-etch and ssh disconnects

Dennis Flynn wrote:
I also have the same issue. Some more observations:
I have 5 slugs, 2 used to be uNSLUng, all are now running Debian (as of 2 weeks ago).
I had the problem without any overclocking on the slugs.
They are all overclocked now and the behaviour is the same.
Does not appear to be application-spcific. Sometimes a session just hangs during a period of inactivity which I'll notice it when I try to start typing again. Sometimes I'm compiling or editing a file. It seems to happen at just about any time.
I've noticed it with SSH (Linux/OpenSSH -> SLUG or Windows/X-Manager terminal -> SLUG) and with X-Manager's SCP.
If I am willing to wait, I've found that a session will usually come back after a while.
The slug is not unreachable at the time - you can open up another session very easily, and all other sessions already open are still responsive.

I am now running with 2.6.18-4-ixp4xx thanks to Martin, and the lockups seem to be gone. The ethernet driver now claims:

ixp4xx_mac driver 0.3.1: eth0 on NPE-B with PHY[1] initialized

The only 'pauses' would seem consistent with being swapped out to disk and back again becusae of low memory.

...And I was thilled to get the intel-iscsi target compiled and running (though it seems a little fragile) serving some of my disk to a separate laptop running another OS. All good. Anyway, its a shame there aren't any iscsi targets going to be in Etch (just the open-iscsi initiator); the closest is the iscsitarget project being packaged on Alioth at the moment, but it requires a (currently un-mainline-merged) kernel module to function. So I think for the moment I will return to either SMB or DAV over SSL  for my filesharing needs.


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