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NSLU2 reflashing kernel and rootfs - using installer as rescue

Hope someone can shed some light on the info I'm missing - I've just built deb on my NSLU2 which has been sitting idle for a while.  Unfortunately, due to some reorg in my house, I'm a little hardware scarce and without another linux box handy, of any sort.  After a couple of reboots I did something to trash the system, needed into the drive, and couldn't get there.  So reflashed the slug with the installer, exited to shell, fixed the disk, and now need to re-install the slug.

So the question is, after a build like this, the kernel image and rootfs appear to still be on disk - can I reflash it?  I'm having a tough time constructing what goes where in which mtdblocks and the basic reflash and turnup tools seem to be missing in the installer shell (and I can't seem to mount mtdblock4 as jffs2, get an I/O error from mount).  This is mostly a curiosity and educational exercise, because the install is still mostly plain vanilla.  But with the new installer in deb, I'm finding it challenging to figure out what's going on, or go around steps in the process.


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