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Re: nslu2 kernel request

Hey Marc,

Though there is a nslu2-package available for 2.6.16, a reflash would be required to make use of it, if it were small enough to fit into flash...

This is why some of us have been watching yours, Martin's and Rod's conversation in silent anticipation of a day when APEX can be used to boot a bigger kernel or chain-load one from disk.

My particular interest is in getting the 2.6.16+ USB tuner drivers for the usb FusionHDTV Gold drivers (cxusb?), so I can fire-up mythTV backend on the slug (which I've compiled here: http://www.northern.ca/projects/mythslug/) and see if it's fast enough to capture an ATSC stream.



On 8/9/06, Marc Singer < elf@buici.com> wrote:
Please include the nfsd driver as part of the kernel package for the
nslu2.  It isn't in the current linux-image-2.6.15-1-nslu2.

Also, is there an upgrade path from 2.6.15 to the 2.6.16 kernel?  If I
install it, will it be written to flash?

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