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Re: Debian ARM success story: Debian desktop on a TS-7300

Aurelien Jarno wrote:

> Dustin Harriman wrote:
>> I think PPC will eventually disappear as being in *home computers*. 
>> And I'm talking about *general purpose* computers that can run
>> software from the mind-bogglingly huge pool of debian packages, not
>> closed appliances.  I think there needs to be a perpetual diversity
>> of architectures for the *home user*.  I'm not so concerned about
>> what chips are popular in industry and military, I'm more concerned
>> about ensuring the continuing availability of a non-big-brother-ized
>> computer that the common man or woman can get their hands on for cheap.
>> Currently, all home computers with PPC chips are in Apple computers.  
> Well there are other home computers with PPC chips, like the one made
> my pegasos for example. See http://www.pegasosppc.com/
Yes, Genesi won an award from Freescale with that product, that also
supports 7.1 surround sound:

Anyone going to Orlando this year for the FreeScale converence?  The
Rock concert on the
third night (free booze and food) is worth the admission price.

Rumor has it FreeScale is comp(ing) embedded designers this year with
free admission.....

(you did not here that from me)


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