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Re: Debian ARM success story: Debian desktop on a TS-7300

On Thu, Jul 13, 2006 at 08:57:26AM -0700, Dustin Harriman wrote:
> I also wrote a blog entry about why I settled on this particular computer:
> http://ca.blog.360.yahoo.com/dustinharriman?p=7
> Basically, I feel it's really important that there is a viable, alternative
> architecture for home users besides i386, now that Apple has abandoned the
> ppc archtiecture.  As ppc disappears, there needs to continue to be a
> diversity of architectures (and no, amd64 and ia64 don't count as "diverse"
> IMHO).  Why?  I think it is this diversity that will ultimately "save" home
> users from the clutches of DRM and NGSCB.

What gives you the idea PPC is disappearing?  Apple was not a big deal
to the PPC.  Not really significant, other than as a source of expensive
desktop machines which happend to have a PPC in them.

Freescale, IBM, sony, nintendo, microsoft, etc, all think PPC is going
places.  ARM on the other hand who knows.  I suspect it still stick
around in small embedded sytems along with MIPS and PPC.

Len Sorensen

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