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Re: arm processor informations and opinions

Em 7/10/2006, "James" <james@buffer.net> escreveu:

>gass@otiliamatos.ath.cx wrote:
>>i am a mechanical engeneer student and i am beginning a project that
>>consists in develop a tool for image processing for industry (
>>artificial vision).
>True image processing algorithms are very different than what any von-neuman
>architecture machine are designed for. That important fact aside, you
>have to ask
>yourself, are you going to be using the algorithms of others or
>developing your own
>(often phd Dissertation level of work here)? You should try to run some
>programs, form similar image processing probems on various machines
>to guage your potential for success.

My idea is to develop one edge to another: from hardware to base software
and image processing modules.
>>I remembered that i saw some nice arm processor boards that are not that
>>difficult to build, and the price is quite low (about 1000 euros a
>Arms are wonderful embedded processors, but they might not be the best
>architechture for the particular family of image process algorithms you
>are going to run. Furthermore, you can always grab images with one
>board/system and process the data (run the image processing algo) on
>a DSP, multiprocessor system or a GPU?

the images are to recognize objects, for example, letters, in an image.
This is a very easy example. They are not for video, or to take nice
pictures :P

>>My question is: is the arm processor capable of supporting multiple
>>acquiring image devices (cameras) and process them (by a C program)?
>Dunno, find one on the net and test drive it. People usually select the
>processor with the added hardware features that make their solution to a
>problem (robust).
>>I think an intel pentium @ 450 MHz is capable, but how do i comparfe with
>>arm, before i buy?
>Run  an image processing algo on both and collect/analyze the results,
>memory usage etc.....  google for benchmark .....
>>My idea is to develop an custom board and to connect there multiple
>>cameras (as needed ... 1 to 4 cameras) filter the image and provide
>>results (for example, to count pills in a pill box), basing that in
>>installing a base debian system and then provide packages of the
>>application of image treatment.
>A quicker, cheaper, and cooler idea would be to port an existing image
>algo to a GPU, or develop an image processing algo from scratch on a GPU.

that's the thing i want, but ... GPU? why not something like having a
linux system and develop applications on top of it? I have this idea,
because target systems have windows CE (or embebed) installed ... and i
have much more features in linux, for developping at this level.
>After all GPUs are designed from the ground floor up to process image,
>and video  in specialized hardware inherent to the GPU. (SIMD, MIMD)
>ram. For example the ram(memory) in a high end GPU is the fastest memory
>currently availalbe. It smokes the standard memory or chache performance
>of risc/cisc processor.
>Check this out:

i'll look at them. Like i said ... i am a mechanical engeneer, just
looking for some base on ideas. As i am reading by your comments, arm
arquitecture is just too slow ... and i wish to thank you all for your
>googling for: gpu C +image +processing
>yeilds many fabulous results.....
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