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Re: arm processor informations and opinions

gass@otiliamatos.ath.cx wrote:

>i am a mechanical engeneer student and i am beginning a project that
>consists in develop a tool for image processing for industry (
>artificial vision).
True image processing algorithms are very different than what any von-neuman
architecture machine are designed for. That important fact aside, you
have to ask
yourself, are you going to be using the algorithms of others or
developing your own
(often phd Dissertation level of work here)? You should try to run some
programs, form similar image processing probems on various machines
to guage your potential for success.

>I remembered that i saw some nice arm processor boards that are not that
>difficult to build, and the price is quite low (about 1000 euros a
Arms are wonderful embedded processors, but they might not be the best
architechture for the particular family of image process algorithms you
are going to run. Furthermore, you can always grab images with one
board/system and process the data (run the image processing algo) on
a DSP, multiprocessor system or a GPU?

>My question is: is the arm processor capable of supporting multiple
>acquiring image devices (cameras) and process them (by a C program)?
Dunno, find one on the net and test drive it. People usually select the
processor with the added hardware features that make their solution to a
problem (robust).

>I think an intel pentium @ 450 MHz is capable, but how do i comparfe with
>arm, before i buy? 

Run  an image processing algo on both and collect/analyze the results,
memory usage etc.....  google for benchmark .....

>My idea is to develop an custom board and to connect there multiple
>cameras (as needed ... 1 to 4 cameras) filter the image and provide
>results (for example, to count pills in a pill box), basing that in
>installing a base debian system and then provide packages of the
>application of image treatment.

A quicker, cheaper, and cooler idea would be to port an existing image
algo to a GPU, or develop an image processing algo from scratch on a GPU.

After all GPUs are designed from the ground floor up to process image,
and video  in specialized hardware inherent to the GPU. (SIMD, MIMD)
ram. For example the ram(memory) in a high end GPU is the fastest memory
currently availalbe. It smokes the standard memory or chache performance
of risc/cisc processor.

Check this out:


googling for: gpu C +image +processing

yeilds many fabulous results.....



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