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Re: arm processor informations and opinions

On 7/10/06, gass@otiliamatos.ath.cx <gass@otiliamatos.ath.cx > wrote:

Hello !

i am a mechanical engeneer student and i am beginning a project that
consists in develop a tool for image processing for industry (
artificial vision).

I remembered that i saw some nice arm processor boards that are not that
difficult to build, and the price is quite low (about 1000 euros a

My question is: is the arm processor capable of supporting multiple
acquiring image devices (cameras) and process them (by a C program)?

I think an intel pentium @ 450 MHz is capable, but how do i comparfe with
arm, before i buy?

The ARM is (usually) integer processing oriented. 

Benchmarks for the XSCALE255 :

An useful site for comparison:

My idea is to develop an custom board and to connect there multiple
cameras (as needed ... 1 to 4 cameras) filter the image and provide
results (for example, to count pills in a pill box), basing that in
installing a base debian system and then provide packages of the
application of image treatment.

ARM is probably no the better choice for image treatment (obviously this depend of the algoritms)
This is an interesant alternative:
An FPGA can speedup greatly the power processing....
X86 in the easy choice (neither the funnier, and smaller ) see Mini-ITX : www.mini-itx.com

what do you think?

Just for the record, i am an active debian user in x86 and x86-64.

In www.emqbit.com  yo can found an ARM based low cost SBC with debian preinstalled (with USB port, compatible with USB cameras). 

best regards

Luis Matos

-- Andres Calderon

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