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Debian Installer - Etch Beta 3 release

(Please reply only to d-boot and optionally the relevant port list.)

Hello d-i porters,

Now that 2.6.16-15 kernels have been uploaded to unstable (using a 
linux-2.6.16 source package), we can start thinking about the Etch Beta 3 
release of D-I.

Currently all architectures, except for arm, have built 2.6.16-15 and it 
should be available from the mirrors tomorrow.

Please rebuild and upload your kernel udeb packages against these new 
kernel images as soon as possible. Note that there have been some recent 
changes in kernel-wedge which may affect your builds.

Note also that 2.6.17 has been uploaded to unstable as well (currently in 
NEW). Do _not_ build the kernel udebs against that, but against 2.6.16!

If you have a chance to run some tests using daily images after the new 
kernel udebs have been uploaded, that would be very much appreciated.

I will post a more detailed release plan as soon as it is clear when the 
2.6.16 kernel packages will migrate to testing. Some information about 
Beta 3 is already available from [1].

If there are any issues for your architecture that we should be aware of, 
please let us know.


[1] http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/EtchBeta3Prep

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