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GCC-4.1.1 x86->ARM EABI compiler packages

Hi again
  I've run gcc-4.1.1 for ARM GNUEABI through crosstool-0.42-mg3 with
no problems and put the resulting .tgz and .deb packages for
x86->armeabi under http://freaknet.org/martin/crosstool/packages

There are two versions here:
25.5MB ones including just gcc and glibc with usual default target of
armv5t, and
47MB ones with g++ and gdb too, targetting armv4t (the minimum arch
for which gnueabi works).

Configured --with-arch=armv4 instead, glibc's configure scripts fails saying:
configure: error: working compiler support for visibility attribute is required
Is this to be expected?


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