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Re: Kernel and modules for NSLu2

On Tue, 2 May 2006 23:32:17 +0200 in gmane.linux.debian.ports.arm,
 Martin Michlmayr might well have written:
> * Edward ffolliott Hull <effh@effh.co.uk> [2006-05-02 20:31]:
>> I am currently running Debian etch on an NSLU2 and am looking for 
>> information on compiling a custom kernel and/or for this device. If 
>> anyone could tell me where to find such information, with special 
>> emphasis on setting a new kernel to be the used kernel I would 
>> appreciate it.
> Basically, you need a cross-compiler and then you can get the
> linux-2.6 source package and build it.  http://www.emdebian.org/ has
> some cross-compilers but it seems none of them are currently up to
> date.
>> (amoung other things, I am playing with vpn tunnels and ipv6 
>> [seperatly], niether of which have modules avaliable for the shipped 
>> kernel. I have experience in building kernels for x86, but this is my 
>> first arm-based system.)
> It would probably be easier to just tell me which options you want
> enabled and I'll do it in the Debian package.  The options definitely
> need some tuning so your feedback is welcome.

<sound of floodgates opening>

Any chance of the usb dvb modules (particularly ttusb-dec)?

ta very

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