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Re: Kernel and modules for NSLu2

* Edward ffolliott Hull <effh@effh.co.uk> [2006-05-02 20:31]:
> I am currently running Debian etch on an NSLU2 and am looking for 
> information on compiling a custom kernel and/or for this device. If 
> anyone could tell me where to find such information, with special 
> emphasis on setting a new kernel to be the used kernel I would 
> appreciate it.

Basically, you need a cross-compiler and then you can get the
linux-2.6 source package and build it.  http://www.emdebian.org/ has
some cross-compilers but it seems none of them are currently up to

> (amoung other things, I am playing with vpn tunnels and ipv6 
> [seperatly], niether of which have modules avaliable for the shipped 
> kernel. I have experience in building kernels for x86, but this is my 
> first arm-based system.)

It would probably be easier to just tell me which options you want
enabled and I'll do it in the Debian package.  The options definitely
need some tuning so your feedback is welcome.
Martin Michlmayr

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