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Deciding new arm EABI port name


At Nokia for the next 770 software update we are switching to EABI.
And using the same Debian arch name w/o changing lib names will make
it binary incompatible with Debian, which I'd hate to see. Thus even
if there's no plan for an upgrade path yet (although multi arch could
be the solution), I'd like to reach now consensus among the Debian
arm porters for a new arch name which would be used by Debian once
or if it's decided to go for EABI.

There's some current proposals in the wiki page that Riku Voipio and
Martin Guy have been preparing at <http://wiki.debian.org/ArmEabiPort>,
which I'll include here for the discussion:

|update: since dpkg in etch, gnueabi-arm is pretty much the only choice.

Someone knows what does this mean?

|Suggested names for the new port.
| gnueabi-arm (long)

Long and the dash ... =)

| earm (short)
| arm2 (confusing: "armN" is already overloaded with 2 meanings: core
|       versions and instruction sets)

Agree, it's confusing.

| armel (confusing: "armeb" is already taken for bigendian old-ABI)

Is there any plan for armeb to switch to EABI before getting into the
archive? If there is this would not be as confusing. Also it would be
nice if the name could be consistent in case armeb wants an EABI
counterpart (if it has not switched to it).

| armeabi

As soon as we have the name I can add it to dpkg ...

regards (with too many hats on),

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