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Alternative development platform for Debian-ARM: GLAN Tank (and SH4 LAN Tank)

Hi all,

If there is no machine which a developer can use, here is a different answer.
GLAN Tank Media Server
"Challenger", the PC power-user brand of I-O DATA Japan, announced its
latest media server product, GLAN Tank, for January 2006.
It's bare bone kit product. The case can embark two 3.5-inch PATA
HDDs. Compared to former models(based on SH4 CPU) it also features
Intel Gigabit Ethernet, Intel XScale(IOP80219) 400 MHz CPU, 128 MB
memory, and four USB ports. The OS is Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 and Linux
kernel 2.6.10.
The server functionality allows usage of: Music server for iTunes,
Video server for Network Media Player products, WebDAV fileserver,
Telnet, mDNS. The price will be around $200.
I designed software of GLAN Tank(and LAN Tank).
IPL is Redboot. Redboot seek "/dev/hd[ab]1/vmlinuz" and "initrd" and
boot it. LED and software shutdown button driver is original. Userland
is perfect Debian Sarge.
Attached CD-ROM include all source codes.
Same product we released "LAN Tank", based on SH4 CPU, is used by many
developers such as linux-sh kernel, gcc, glibc, gentoo, and NetBSD.

GLAN Tank(Japanese): http://supertank.iodata.jp/products/sotohdlgw/
Web Media Reviews(Japanse):

LAN Tank(Japanese): http://supertank.iodata.jp/products/sotohdlwu/
English LANTank HOWTO:
linux and tools for LANDISK(SH4) (English):


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