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Re: Fw: Arm Buildds and developer machines

+++ Anthony Towns [05-12-14 22:37 +1000]:
> On Wed, Dec 14, 2005 at 10:25:04AM +0000, Wookey wrote:
> > I failed to CC you on this orginally and I don't know if you are on
> > debian-admin or not.
> I'm not. I spoke with James some more after posting to suggest that one
> of the arms that Steve McIntyre is hosting that had been a buildd could
> be reused as a developer box instead (since we've now presumably got two
> more buildds than are strictly needed in the form of europa and elara);
> I'm not sure if anything's coming of that. 

Thanx. That sounds like a fine plan to me. Can someone (elmo?) confirm that
this is what is going to happen, and we (debian-arm) don't need to be
working on any backup plans? (I don't want to find out again in another
month that this is not the DSA-sanctioned approach).

Presumably two developer-boxes would actually be a good idea, by way of
having a backup (and as none of them are very fast). We could use Bill
Gatliff's, or Steve could host one provided by Vince. I don't care, but I do
want to be sure everyone involves knows what's agreed. Does debian-admin
agree that a second box is good, or is this a maintenance overhead they
would prefer to be without?

> I think Vince was going to ship a box down to Steve to host prior to the above thought.


> > So, AJ says we should communicate better. Fair comment, perhaps, but it's
> > not that I haven't been trying, and so have others. 
> That you can do something better doesn't mean you were doing bad.


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