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Re: Arm Buildds and developer machines

Wookey wrote:

Hi people,

Executive summary: Help! What, exactly, does the arm port need to do to make
a developer-accessible machine happen?

the long version:

As you know arm has not had a developer-accessible machine available to devs
for quite some time.

Various people have volunteered hardware over the last few months, but of
course any such box needs to be set up properly and blessed to be part of
the Debian LDAP structure too.

Much as I don't want to muddy what's clearly already a complex issue,
you might want to take a look at the latest QEMU developments - CVS,
not the latest release.

This allows a full ARM system to be run under emulation at very
reasonable speed - AFACIT on par with a NetWinder or CATS hardware,
which are the proposed buildd hardware.  I'm sure a full Debian install
could be done under it, although I haven't checked.

Such a setup, presuming it works properly, might prove to be to sensible
for someone non-ARM to setup, and run a buildd on, or just for
developers to check that their ARM packages build/install.

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