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Re: nwutil status

Adam C Powell IV wrote:
On Thu, 2005-11-17 at 08:19 -0500, Woody Suwalski wrote:
Adam C Powell IV wrote:

Four weeks ago, I wrote to the nwutil maintainer to ask about its

I notice that you are the maintainer of the nwutil package,
        which has not been updated in more than four years (since well
        before the woody release).  There are four outstanding bugs with
        very easy fixes, and I was about to open a fifth requesting
        "fand" be part of the package.
Do you need help maintaining this package? I can prepare more
        specific patches for each of the bugs, or do an NMU, or even
        adopt it if you like.  I'd just like to see some of those bugs

With no reply in four weeks, does anyone here know what the story is?

I will also suggest adding nwlilo to the package (if it is not in there yet)...

Anyway, it was me who originally wrote it up in Corel/Rebel, so it should be easy to fix it... ;-)

I will look at my copy of the package later today and send you some more info... However, just searching packages.debian.org for nwlilo returns nothing. Where is the package?

Makes sense.  "apt-cache search nwlilo" turns up nothing...

So what of the status/future of nwutil?


The package had been pulled out....

Package: nwutil
Version: 1.4-3
Severity: serious


During the Debian QA meeting hold during Sept. 09th till 11th, we
decided that looking at packages that haven't been uploaded for a very
long time could cover up some QA problems.

I've done this now and your package showed up on the list. I propose
to remove it.
There are almost no users, but some open bugs.

This usually means that your package matched some of the following

 [1] Your packages has not had a maintainer upload for more than
     three years.

 [2] has one or more RC bugs with no answer from the maintainer (**)

 [3] the state of your packages in general seems to indicate that you
     might be MIA

 [4] (if we propose a removal) it shows in popcon as having less than
     100 users with the package installed.

 [5] the package was not released with sarge

and at least ([1] and ( [2] or [3] or [4] or [5] )) was true.

(**) The maintainer not answering to RC bugs refers to bugs filed
more than one month before the time the check was performed.

After 7 days without answer from you (the maintainer) we will reassign
this bug to either WNPP (in case we propose to orphan it) or
ftp.debian.org (in case we propose to remove it).

The package will need an upload or an explanation for this action not to

Please do *not* upload a package just to get off this list - it won't
help the package at all. Maintainers should be responsive and feel
responsible for their packages without needing other people to force
them to do work. Sometimes, finding a new maintainer or even removing
the package completly from the archive is better for Debian's users.



I can not get in touch with James Troup who was the main ARM guy - I can take over as a maintainer or co-maintainer, however no clue how to organize it....


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